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Bee You Nutrition

Welcome to my corner of the web! I'm excited to share my journey with you as an aspiring dietitian. Although I'm not currently offering professional services, this website serves as a reflection of my passion for nutrition, wellness, and everything food-related. As I transition from my undergraduate studies to beginning a master's program in dietetics, I invite you to explore my personal volunteer work, educational experiences, and my deep affection for the culinary world. Join me as I explore the art and science of nutrition, blending my studies with a genuine enthusiasm for promoting healthy living. Let's embark on this flavorful journey together!

Spices and Fruit

About Me

My name is Shelby Tyler, but my friends call me Bee.

I'm a nutrition and dietetics student known for rolling up my sleeves and getting things done in the food service world. Ever since my mom taught me to cook at the age of 9, I've been hooked on the magic of food and its power to nourish both body and soul. My interest in athletic nutrition sparked from wondering how we can push the limits of peak physical performance even further.

I'm all about seizing opportunities to learn and grow, whether it's through volunteering, diving into collaborative projects, or jetting off on adventures around the globe. You'll find me as empathetic as I am meticulous, with a knack for juggling multiple tasks in the hustle and bustle of fast-paced environments. I thrive on connecting with people and thrive even more on helping them reach their fullest potential – whether that's in the kitchen or on the field. Let's cook up some success together!

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My Philosophy

Healthy Meal

A Healthy Life Starts With A Healthy Soul

As an aspiring athletic dietitian, I believe in approaching my role with a steadfast commitment to empathy and a profound appreciation for the unique journey of each individual athlete. Central to my practice is the understanding that optimal performance extends beyond physical prowess; it encompasses mental fortitude, emotional well-being, and personalized nutrition strategies tailored to individual needs. I am dedicated to fostering a collaborative partnership with athletes, recognizing and honoring their distinct goals, challenges, and preferences.

By prioritizing open communication, active listening, and a deep understanding of each athlete's background and aspirations, I strive to cultivate a supportive environment where they feel empowered to achieve their full potential. Guided by this philosophy, I am driven to not only optimize athletic performance but also enhance overall health and well-being, fostering lasting transformations that extend far beyond the realm of sports nutrition.

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